米羅校刊 Newsletter - June,2013(下)

Tr. Donovan

PK is the best class I have ever had the privilege of teaching. They are always smiling and are full of energy. They have this way of making me smile, even if I have been having a very bad day. These kids make me very happy and their English skills have come a long way. When I first started teaching PK I will admit, it was challenge and I didn’t know how to deal with children of this age group and level of English understanding. But I learnt fast and the children helped me through it all. Been a teacher for PK class has taught me many new things and some of these things I will remember for a very long time.

I have formed a very strong relationship with PK and it saddens me to see them move up in grade and age but it must happen. The speeches were a real challenge due to the first level nature of the class but I think we did it and they should be very proud of themselves.

PK is a good class and the dynamic is wonderful. They are bright young children with great futures ahead of them. Don’t stop speaking English and trying to improve. Always test yourselves and what you are capable of. Never give up!

 Tr. Lanie


對PK小朋友們來說,寫作是一個極大的挑戰,所以當Tr. Donovan在解說的過程中,Tr. Lanie彷彿看到小朋友們的頭上冒出一個個的問號。為了不讓小朋友對寫作產生莫大的恐懼,Tr. Lanie和Tr. Donovan討論後,決定用填空的方式讓小朋友填入,進而演變出屬於自已獨一無二的文章。PK班擬定的題目為「My favorite animal」,從選定自己喜歡的動物到將形容敘述的單字填上,在Tr. Donovan的幫助下,來來回回之間,小朋友們接觸自己的作品越多次,站在台上也就更有自信大聲唸出。這次的寫作/演講比賽,大家都非常盡力,不管結果如何,都是自己收穫的果實。凡事都有第一次,面臨下一次的考驗也會更加得心應手了!

學期已將近尾聲,第三次的Monthly Test即將來到,請大家收拾起玩樂心情,一起加油吧!

Tr. Mike

As we approach the end of the Semester, the students are blossoming. They are dedicated and eager to achieve greatness. This makes me exceptionally happy and proud to be their teacher. They are all doing extremely well with their writing and have made great progress, especially in regards to their ‘Speeches’. In conjunction with that, their grammar skills and awareness is continually improving and developing.

Teaching P1A has been a very rewarding task this Semester, as the students have truly bonded together as a class. They look after each other and encourage each other to do better and try harder. We are approaching the end of the Speech completion and the students have performed amazingly well. I am truly proud. I would like to continually thank all the parents who so diligently continue to help their children every day after school. If any of you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

 Tr. Mia

時間過得真快,轉眼間又到了學期末囉!我們剛結束了為期二個多月準備時間的寫作/演講比賽,從訂題目、討論內容、打草稿,到完成初稿,老師和孩子都投入不少心力。稿子完成後,又接著緊鑼密鼓地練習,從初賽到決賽,小朋友們無不卯足全力練習,雖然最後總是得分出勝負,Tr. Mia還是要為每個孩子拍拍手,因為他們真的都非常認真地參與整個過程,絕對值得嘉獎鼓勵唷!課程部份,這學期我們不只更熟悉各主詞所對應的BE動詞、動詞用法,也學到了如何使用Present Continuous造各種不同的句子,孩子們也不時將所學到的文法加到日常的會話裡,真的很棒哦!接下來大家引頸期盼的暑假即將來臨,請小朋友們不管到哪個地方遊玩,都要注意安全,才能為自己留下最美好的回憶唷!

Tr. Jake

We have had a very busy end to the school year. We recently completed our paper for the speech contest. The students wrote about what they hope to do for careers. I have enjoyed hearing about what each student wants to do when they grow up. I was happy that they all wanted to do jobs that will have a positive impact. We did a lot of writing for the speech paper, and I am happy with the progress the students have made in their handwriting. I believe that the P1-B class had the best speeches out of all the classes in the school. I was proud of how hard many of the students worked to complete their speech papers.

I have been equally happy that the students have been able to accomplish all of their assignments every week. I continue to be very pleased with the progress I have seen in the student’s grammar work. I have also been impressed with the way the students have been able to apply their new knowledge. I hope that the students learned a lot this year in P1-B. I am confident they will go on to accomplish wonderful things.

 Tr. Lisa

第二學期班上的學習狀況已上了軌道,上下課的秩序也比剛開學時進步很多,小朋友開始會互相約束彼此,因為他們知道,如果太吵鬧會打擾到別人休息,也會干擾到別的班級上課,有幾個小小正義使者,常常會跳出來維護秩序,不過,他們的"Be quiet!"有時會太大聲,混在吵鬧聲中,似乎沒有達到立即的效果 >0<"

但還是非常感謝他們的幫忙喔!Reading課程,大家的聲音愈來愈整齊且響亮,常常聽了他們的朗讀後都讓人精神為之一振呢!P1-B小朋友的進步正穩定的成長中,在寫作/演講比賽的表現中,雖然年紀小小的他們未必各個都能聽說讀寫精通,但是從短短的一個多月下來完成一篇又一篇的Writing / Speech practice中不難發現,他們已經漸漸能夠抓到學期的訣竅了!

老師們每天都可以感受到P1-B小朋友很努力學習英文,學習成長。過了暑假,升上二年級後,又會有新的一批新生進入米羅這個大家庭, 到時候就麻煩P1-B這群哥哥姊姊的幫忙囉!

Tr. Juan

I can’t believe that this semester has come to an end so fast. There are only a couple of weeks left before the end of the semester, and that means that I will have to say goodbye to the students. We have worked really hard during the past semester and I am so proud of what we have achieved. Each and every student has improved since the beginning when I started teaching them. Some has improved a lot and others not as much, but there has been improvement. We still have the last monthly test coming up in week 18. I think the students are ready for the test but please make sure they study at home before the test. If they have any questions regarding the work please feel free to ask me or my co teacher.

We had the speech contest this week and I think everyone has done an amazing job. They tried hard and practiced just as hard. If I could choose, everyone would have gotten first place.

I wish all my students the best of luck for the new semester, and I know they will do well in the future. 

 Tr. Lisa

寫作/演講比賽如火如荼的展開,小朋友們在賽前努力準備,有的查了滿滿的單字,有的還把講稿背了起來。初賽時,看他們煞有其事地站在老師同學面前念著,那種認真又緊張的表情真讓人覺得可愛。老師們在評選的時候也很苦惱,因為好像每個都應該要晉級,但不管是否有進入決賽,小朋友在參賽的過程中必定也有所收獲了!P2-A的小朋友們在英文程度上已經有一定的水準,最有趣的就是同學之間互相學習及良性競爭的現象,可貴的是大家都能不吝嗇的回答同學的問題並互相討論。學習首重態度,對於P2-A的小朋友,除了和同學之間的相互學習之外,我更希望他們能夠自發性的完成自己的功課,確實的複習及認真準備考試, “對自己負責”也是這個階段的小朋友應該要學習的課題喔!

Tr. Donovan

It’s that time of the year again where we say farewell to the old and embrace the new. P1C is no exception. They have worked really hard this past semester, and considering what the students have been through I think that they will do just fine. It has not been easy on them,   nor has it been easy on the parents. I have worked really hard to show the children how easy and fun English can be, it is now up to them and their future studies and classes that will determine their skills regarding the English subject.

Thanks to the parents for showing a great interest in their children’s studies and I believe that this enthusiasm should continue. A BIG congratulation goes to the finalists and the winners of the speech competition. It was a very stressful 3 weeks for both the teachers and the students, and I’m happy with what was presented to the school. It takes a lot of guts to stand up on stage and they should all be very proud of themselves.

As I finish off this newsletter I just want to congratulate all of the students in P1C. They have come a long way from when I first started teaching them and I look forward to seeing more of this enthusiastic approach to English.

Tr. Jake

I am amazed that this semester has gone by so quickly. It has been a wonderful semester. The students have had overall good classroom behavior. I am mainly proud of the quality of work the students did during the second semester. I know they worked hard and I am very proud of them for it. I have been extremely pleased with all of the student’s performances during the second semester.

I know that everyone in the class has the ability to become very good at the English language. We recently completed our speech paper and contest. The students wrote about what they want their careers to be when they are older. I was very happy to see that so many students wanted to have a positive impact. I am confident that the students will go on to accomplish all of their goals if they continue to give their very best effort in everything they do.

Tr. Chuck

The summer is here. It’s a season for sunshine, beaches, water sports and the many wonderful summer fruits that Taiwan has to offer.

I’m sure everyone has something planned for the summer vacation. However, we shouldn’t get ahead of ourselves. There is still work to be done and summer is just the reward at the end.

Many things happened this semester. One of the major events is out Writing and Speech contest. Congratulations to James, Christine and Daniel for snatching prizes on this event. Two of the other two best speeches that I had to mention are Andy and JoJo’s. Their speech was wonderful too and they put in a great effort into making their article.

Over the course of this school year, everyone performed well and put in an A+ for effort. I’m sure everyone is walking away with a better understanding of the English language. Everyone should take whatever chances they have in the summer to brush up their English. English is a tool, and like every other tool; they rust if you leave them in the box for too long.

Lastly, although summer is a fun season. Everyone should still be careful when having fun. Be aware of tide changes when at the beach. Make sure there are adults around when you are participating in any kind of water events. I expect to see everyone still happy and healthy after the summer.

Tr. Claire

It’s hard to believe that we have almost reached the end of the second semester and there is only one more month left in this school year.  As the teacher of the P3-B class, I have to say that I am very happy with the tremendous effort that the students have put in.  I am really proud of the progress they have achieved since the beginning of the first semester.  We have already finished the first two Monthly Tests in this semester and soon the last one will be approaching as well.  I hope that all the students can keep up their good work and be well prepared for the last big test.

Furthermore, the important annual event of this semester is the Writing Speech Contest.  All of the P3-B students spent a lot of time brainstorming, revising, proofreading, and also practice reciting their drafts.  We just finished the Preliminary this week and three finalists were chosen to enter the Final Competition.  Congratulations to Claire, Monica, and Selina on your outstanding performances at the Final Speech Contest.

Lastly, I want to thank all the parents of the P3B students for your time and support.  I really enjoyed working with this bunch of adorable students and I am certain that we will have more fun learning English in class during the remainder of the semester.  Thank you for all your hard work and keep it up, P3-B!

Tr. Juan

The end of the second semester is only one month away and I can’t believe that it has passed so quickly. I am so proud of all the students and what they have achieved throughout the year. We have worked really hard to make sure everyone improves. Some students have improved a lot and others not as much, but there has been improvement. Even though it is almost the end of the year we still have the third monthly test coming up in week 18. I think the students are well prepared but please make sure they study at home before the test. If you have any questions about the work please feel free to ask me or my co teacher.

We had the speech contest this week and I think everyone has done an amazing job with it. They tried hard and practiced just as hard. If I could choose, everyone would be a winner.

With only one month left in this semester it means I almost have to say goodbye to my students. I wish them the best of luck for the new semester and I know they will do great in the future.

Tr. Mike

At present we are approaching the end of the Speech Competition; the students have been busy writing compositions and have performed excellently delivering them as speeches. It has been a pleasure to help them with these speeches. They have enjoyed them and threw themselves into writing and performing them. I would like to take this time, once again, to thank the parents who have aided their children in helping them prepare for tests and competitions. Your assistance is truly appreciated. I believe that the students of P5A will truly achieve great things in their future English studies. Keep trying and enjoying your studies.

Tr. Joanne

These past few weeks have really been jam-packed! We have been trying to get in as much revision and discussion as possible. P6-A has really started to read better and are trying to read with more enthusiasm.  They also have a good laugh when I over dramatize a story or sentence.

Leading up to the speech we had many reviews and edits to do. I sat with each child and we discussed the meaning that they wanted to convey to the audience. I was really happy with their speeches and their hard work. We do, however, still need to work on their speed, intonation, stress and volume. I am so thrilled with their improvement. 

As we move into the final few weeks of the semester and their last at MIRO, I ask that you please try to keep them motivated to come to school. I know that they will graduate soon, but we still have work to complete. Any help in this regard would be welcome. 

Thank you P6-A for a fantastic semester!

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